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"Green Baroque Horse For Sale"  This is not the first time, and probably won't be the last time that I create a painting for a title. In this instance, a pun that I couldn't resist. ("Green Broke" is a concept I know intimately, having spent decades training horses.) Several different works by Johann Georg von Hamilton, who painted the horses of European royalty during the early 1700s, served as inspiration for this artwork. To create this 42"x42" painting, I covered a cradled wood panel with gold brocade fabric, and then painted on top of the fabric with a combination of transparent and opaque acrylics. (Scroll down for a closeup.) The sides of the panel are covered with the gold brocade, protected by many layers of transparent acrylic gel and varnish.  His name is Georg; he is a green baroque horse, but clearly NOT green broke.

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