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Obsessive Creative Disorder: An affliction that has affected me periodically throughout my life. In 2016 I finally accepted my fate. I left veterinary practice and became a full time artist. I am a very visual person, and so many things that I see move me, touch me, and impel me to create. It is enormously gratifying when my creation succeeds in moving, touching, and especially, amusing another human being.  Modern life has become increasingly frenetic and technological; my wish is that my handmade paintings can bring some beauty and wonder into a space, as well as a little levity.  (Don't we all need to be reminded not to take ourselves TOO seriously?)


Fabric Paintings:  I have been exploring ways to incorporate patterned fabric into my paintings. In some of my workS I use pieces of fabric as conventional collage elements.   I have also been doing large “all-over” fabric paintings, where I cover the entire cradled panel with a single sheet of patterned fabric, and then create the painting on top of it. I am discovering that there are many ways to let the pattern speak. While I am excited about some of the ways I have played with the fabric patterns, I am also excited about the possibilities I can envision, but haven’t yet made real. And even more excited about what possibilities I have yet to imagine.


Animals: It is not surprising that a veterinarian-turned-artist would paint animals. In addition to many species of familiar domestic animals, I have focused my paintbrush on some of our planet’s endangered megafauna, especially African Elephants, Rhinos and Giraffes. The dire circumstances of these magnificent creatures compels me to paint them. It is beyond tragic that most of these giants are facing imminent extinction. Since I began selling art in 2013 I have donated a portion of my art income to IUCN (International Union for Conservation of Nature), the world’s largest and oldest wildlife conservation organization.